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This 48 x 48 inch original painting on canvas by Alma Ramirez combines acrylic, oil pastel, and charcoal to bring a dreamy marina to life. In the artwork, a calm blue background sets off a row of brightly colored boats, all at rest by the dock and reflecting their vibrancy into the water below. To ensure longevity, the artwork is varnished with a satin finish to protect it from dirt and light. It comes signed, wired and ready to hang, with free shipping included for any address within the USA.  

Marina of Dreams

$6,900.00 Regular Price
$4,830.00Sale Price


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    Size: 48" x 48"

    Original painting on canvas by Alma Ramirez.

    Medium: Acrylic, oil pastel, charcoal.

    Varnished with satin finish to protect from dirt and light. Wired and ready to hang.

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